Update: What I have learned so far

Update: What I have learned so far

Peace. A lot has changed but I will run through it quickly. Through Khan’s translations (see links on the right) I have learned that a few things are vastly different. I will try and keep it short as possible to avoid errors but basically these are the guiding principles that create my practice.

Not a God

Not a god. Our creator is not a god. It is something different. The idea of being made in the image of our creator is probably not true since it’s more a form of connected, sentient energy. You can read more about it in this encyclopedia link.

Not a Religion

A lot of Muslims say that Islam is a Deen (A way of life) but they don’t separate the religious practices from Islam. As it turns out it is a Deen. No need to have formal worship. It’s our connection to our creator that is actual Salat. As best as I can tell we increase this connection by helping one another. Here are some aspects that aren’t true.

Hajj and Mecca

Turns out that Hajj and Mecca are practices that were added. We all know the Kaaba was destroyed and, supposedly, Muhammad (PBUH) rebuilt the Kaaba. Turns out that the Kaaba is not a place for Worship. Our creator doesn’t need our worship. That is why the words “La Illah” are what they are. “Not god”. Dr. Khan goes into this in detail. The first link explains this. When our creator is everywhere at every time why would we have to journey to a cube? These practices were here before. The false infusions into Islam that have been practiced for so long will have us believe that we need to repeat, essentially, the same Pagan customs that were practiced before the revelation of the Quran. So what if we do it for Allah? Well what about the black stone? How do you face a building if you are on the opposite side of the world? What if you are in space? Logic dictates that our creator didn’t make these rules because they aren’t thinking ahead. These ideas are created by men of limited foresight.


I made a post on this topic here

Imported Deities and Religion

Infused practices like fasting. I believe this is a Hindu ritual they practice something similar in regards to a moon goddess. Khan has articles on this. No one has been able to explain how the symbol of Islam became the crescent moon instead of Allah’s name or something that made more sense. The shape of the Kaaba is a female deity (Al-Lat). The black stone is an object that people literally worship and kiss. If it’s indeed a stone that fell from heaven that is blackened with the sins of men, then why kiss a dirty rock? There is no mention of stones that people worship in the Qur’an. We do know, however, that stone deities were smashed. This stone is smashed to pieces and fused together using silver. It sits on one corner of the Kaaba and is enclose in the shape of a vulva. If the Kaaba is indeed a female deity then this fits with that premise.

So what do you do with this information? Well, I was praying 5 times a day and would even get up in the middle of the night and sometimes study the Qur’an or reflect on what I have learned. I still study at times but mostly I try and practice. Help others, grow, share, knowledge. I hadn’t spoken to my mom in about a year and the same with my dad. I am trying to break down boundaries and help anyone, not just “Muslims” or those who are God fearing. Everyone. I did this before but it’s great to see that the logical part of my brain matches what we are truly meant to practice.


Verse 5:6 of the Qur’an is the only Quranic guide for Wudu. A four step process that has been added to and made difficult. Turns our that your should doesn’t need a bath to be holy. That is another mistranslation. The changes were intentional. To bring people back to the pagan pilgrimage but to make Allah the supreme deity. It worked. I wonder how much money has been made on Hajj packages.


Another mistranslation of 1 verse (2 if you count Lot.) That mistranslation has nothing to do with homosexuality. That doesn’t matter. We are souls so our genders are not part of our soul a sexless entity. We may have inclinations towards attraction to another individual but what truly matters is two aspects.

  1. Is it consensual? Will you be honest about what you want and not manipulate or control the other person through psychology or physical force for you own pleasure?
  2. What about the age of consent? Are they mature enough to understand the relationship?

You see homosexuality in Islam and in Christianity (The two religions I am most familiar with) has become the “Red Herring” of sexual sin. If we are so worked up about homosexuals we aren’t focused on Pedophilia. This is the true sin. In our hearts we have a cognitive dissonance with homosexuality. According to what we believe to be the word of God. We are told that it’s a grave sin. And yet? Where is the harm. Why aren’t peoples lives being destroyed over this or whole nations? I know a lot of great people who happened to be gay/trans/bi/straight. If we are a soul do these labels really matter? What of hermaphrodites? Recently I learned that the occurrences of births that are between or a mix of the two genders are as common as people born with red hair? All of this works once you consider that genders between partners have no bearing in being “good” or “bad.”

In Islam it has been taken a step further to endorse child marriages by infusing a false belief that the Prophet married a child. Historians put the age of Aisha (PHUH) as being about 17-21 so where is the basis? There is nothing in the Qur’an to support child marriages. To the contrary. The true translations of the verse of Lot. Show that Lot did NOT want to give his daughters to the people of the town. Instead they were there to take his children because they were pedophiles. That is why he called out for help to stop them. Instead we see him offering his daughters? As a father I cannot see this as a “just” act. Pedophilia takes the innocence of a child and distorts it. We, as their protectors, have an obligation to eliminate this act. They cannot do it themselves so we need to do so.

I will answer the following as well when I have more time, InshAllah.

“Virgin” Mary

Often I wondered why our creator would make men the sole bearers of the message. Why aren’t there any female Prophets?

Other books

Why aren’t there any other books? How come it’s only the Jews and the Arabs who received revelations?

Qur’an Cannot be Changed

Is this really true? Every other book was changed so how is the Quran different? What does the Qur’an say about it?

The last Message from our Creator.

Is there really not going to be any other revelations? What does the Qur’an say about this? What is the basis for this belief?

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  1. Hey just want to let you know, your work on this site is very valuable and I appreciate it from 2022. I hope you read my comment, it’s been 3 years 🙂

    I am also studying the works of Dr Kashif Khan.

    1. Thank you Ali. I stopped writing and might shift to something else, maybe a podcast or finish working on a book I wrote several years ago. I will post an update cause I have learned quite a bit.

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