The Ultimate Wireless Connection

The Ultimate Wireless Connection

I think human beings, generally, are greedy, selfish and messed up. Every once in a while I see something different. Take my 4-year-old, for instance, sometimes he shows such love and concern that it’s overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, he wants a sword to kill bad guys and, sometimes, other kids (who bother him). So there is something good inside of a lot of us. The philosophical question would be how do you cultivate that? The answer is our Creator. The thing is, most people believe We need to “work” on it as if we can do this to motivation or self-control, in my experience, that’s not the case. Our negative desires are part of who we are…. The problem is the fundamental reasoning is flawed. “We”don’t have the ability to control anything in our lives. Control, perseverance or righteousness comes from elsewhere. However we do have control in one thing that can dramatically change that

Let me give you an analogy to illustrate the underlying principle. If you won a contest and you were given a of a new laptop or computer. The latest and greatest model but there’s a catch: You wouldn’t be able to connect to any networks. You can still turn them on. Maybe play some games, use any software on the device, but that’s about it.

Back in the day I remember people thinking that internet was in their computer. They thought you just open up the internet like any other program. And, in truth, you can see why it would be confusing. What they don’t realize, at first, is this is a connection to something greater. A source for community, like us her. A source for knowledge, like Wikipedia. A source for love and companionship, like a marriage site.

This “source” is our Creator. A connected, eternal, active witness, by your side, the creator of everything. With no name, that I know of. Most names we have were originally attributes. Not a God because a God needs your worship. Instead we benefit for our connection to our creator. You can name a thing that can be defined, but I will use God for simplicity here. We are just (computer) terminals. We get EVERYTHING, even the internet 😉, From God.

Too many people want to use their Imam’s, Rabbi’s or Priest’s connection. Some people want to use others as tech support. Well this package includes a direct wireless connection at the highest possible speed. It’s like the server is sitting next to your you. We even have wireless charging built in.

The truth is it’s confusing because people have always been on this network. So some people think they are the ones charging themselves. Or they look to others to explain how the wireless charging works. Maybe they think the knowledge they acquired somehow came through their effort from…what?

What made them take that action? Nurture vs Nature? Okay… so who nurtured you? Who created you? Trace back all knowledge far enough and you get lost. What most people aren’t seeing is there are user manuals, God’s books, but in order to use them properly you need to know what you are connecting to.

The amazing thing is there are people literally giving these manuals away for free. Still, rather than opening the manual themselves people are going to places to hear about this connection and what’s in the manual. People are even reading the manual in a foreign language over-and-over like some chant without trying to truly understand it’s meaning. It’s available for free in all languages.

In order to understand the manual there is one crucial step. Acknowledge EVERYTHING is coming from this Source, even the terminals (us), if not you will never be able to use the system properly.

We trust doctors, teacher as well as authors and those with “qualifications” certified by people. You would have to trust The Wireless Source above every other author. After all, He built our system. Which manual you should follow isn’t as important as the concepts that are the same in all the manuals from our creator. There are themes that repeat time and time again in every country in the world. The truth is already wired into you. These manuals are a sort of starting poing.

Followers of different versions of “religion” are notorious for following supplemental guides, other people (“Rabbis often adding more requirements to an optimized system, causing things to go wrong. Some versions even explain that it’s not religious software but still it’s run as if it is. Despite many explicitly saying to contact the Source for free training. Some even make people into Gods, this is like a virus pre-installed.

So read any of these manuals but remember to use the source as your guide in what to follow. All have been changed but the message itself is still around us and alive. As you follow the instructions you will see your system will run much better as the bloatware, adware and viruses practicing clean themselves out; through your connection to the Source. Your system will be optimized and at the end of your life cycles you will be upgraded to a better system but only after you have willingly updated your own software.

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