My Journey

My Journey

Understanding How to Perform Salaat

About an hour and a half ago I was woken from the dead of sleep. I went to bed after reading Dr. Khan’s Article on How to perform Salaat. I had read this article somewhere between a week or month ago. I knew it but I didn’t understand it. I…Read More

The Question In My Heart

One day a question popped in my head. “If you had to follow Muhammad or God who would you follow?” My instinctive response was “I don’t have to do that because following the messenger is to follow God.” 15-16 year old me was upset. That wasn’t supposed to be the…Read More

Is there a God?

When I was about 16 years old we ended up moving to Puerto Rico. She was still exploring to determine what she wanted to practice. I remember going up to the roof one night and seeing the bright full moon on a nearly cloudless sky. The sky is so clear,…Read More