My Journey

My Journey


October 29

Understanding How to Perform Salaat

About an hour and a half ago I was woken from the dead of sleep. I went to bed after reading Dr. Khan’s Article on How to perform Salaat. I had read this article somewhere between a week or month ago. I knew it but I didn’t understand it. I have been technically following the idea but it was more a series of action. Although that was good I am seeking the greatest results with the limited time I have. I read it again last night after I sent Dr. Khan and email explaining to him what I thought the..Read More
May 5

The Question In My Heart

One day a question popped in my head. “If you had to follow Muhammad or God who would you follow?”
September 19

Is there a God?

When I was about 16 years old we ended up moving to Puerto Rico. She was still exploring to determine what she wanted to practice. I remember going up to the roof one night and seeing the bright full moon on a nearly cloudless sky. The sky is so clear, on an island, that it is a beautiful site to behold. I started thinking. I started thinking “Is there a God?”