5 D G S ا ح ر ش ص ق
5 Pillars

5 Pillars

The 5 Pillars are a generally agreed upon set of “requirements” or tenets for every Muslim. Different schools of thought in Pop-Islam tend to agree that there are, at least, 5 pillars. Pop-Muslims define them as:

  1. Shahada or their testification of faith. (Obligatory)
  2. Salaat or Ritualistic prayer performed 5 times daily (Obligatory)
  3. Sawom of Fasting (Obligatory)
  4. Zakat or income based charity (If you can afford it)
  5. Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca (If you can afford it)

I no longer agree with these principles. The terms are within the Qur’an but their popular definitions are incorrect.